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Welcome to the home page of 7 Square Endeavour (7SE).

On this page you’ll find all you need to know about us: who we are, what we did, why we did it and how we did it.

We hope to inspire you along the way. Seven Square Endeavour is not only a square it is a concept for cooperation and sustainability!

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Who we are

7 Square Endeavour is a collaboration-driven programme with a mission to sustainably transform urban squares around the world – thinking globally, acting locally.

The Rotterdam Theatre Square, where the initiative was founded in 2015, marks the first out of several squares. At this local scale, 7SE operated as a public-private partnership working towards a realization of a 100% climate neutral Theatre Square in 2030.

The Theatre Square functioned as a testing ground for technological innovation, new business models, innovative models for public/private partnership and other lessons learned. We wish to share those lessons with the world, for only together we can achieve a sustainable future.

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What we did

What we do

7SE worked on the realization of a climate-neutral Theatre Square (Rotterdam) in 2030.

The project area consists of approximately 1.400 households, restaurants, cultural organizations and a large amounts of visitors. Through the unique collaboration of partners, our team could focus on providing integral solutions for energy management, adaptation and mitigation strategies and circular solutions on urban squares.

In practice, this translates into among else: developing multiple-purpose rooftops (green/blue/yellow/red). Moreover, we have developed a local, smart energy system that will be realized over the next few years.

1. Doelen, dak; oorspronkelijk
3. Laagbouw JPB, oorspronkelijk
2. Doelen, dak; toekomstimpressie
4. Laagbouw JPB, toekomstimpressie

Why we did it

Squares are very important aspects of a city. They are a place where people meet, express cultures, share experiences, relax, and so much more. They also make up a large deal of the urban landscape, and therefore play a large part in urban transformation.

Half of our world population lives in cities, which are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and resulting climate change. Cities are also particularly affected by the effects of our changing climate. So, in order to keep them livable, efforts to enhance urban sustainability are of vital importance.

Because cities are a great source of the problem, they are also key to the solution. Our challenge is to keep squares, cities and our planet liveable, safe, healthy and attractive throughout the future. The good news is, a lot can be done – which is exactly why we did what we did!

Why we Do It

How we did it




A climate-adaptive water system


Local water capture, storage and distribution system


Blue-green rooftops (e.g. De Doelen), exploration of local urban water buffer



Zero carbon emissions

(by 2030)


Development of a smart decentralized low-temperature energy grid for heating and cooling; able to locally store and distribute thermal energy amongst our regional partners.


Feasibility studies , Cooperation Agreement, Realization over next few years, anticipating on refurnishment and new energy systems in the buildings



A healthy, comfortable, green, inclusive and resilient Theatre Square


Anticipating on renovation of the Theatre Square


Will take place the upcoming years

7SE’s Key Principles


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